The Lord God commands things into being. He was the first designer. He is not dependent on man, but graciously invites man’s attention, and cooperates with him in progressive and higher designs.

Ellen G. White

Web Design

Bowl Bowl Restaurant

Developed in 2022, the Bowl Bowl Sichuan Cuisine website was specially created to serve as an online platform for introducing the restaurant and facilitating bookings. The website offers detailed information about the restaurant, including its menu, location, and unique dining experience.

Web Design

The Generosity Collective Inc.

Developed in 2021, The Generosity Collective Inc. website serves as a vital charity platform designed to educate the community on what and how to donate to assist those in need. The website provides comprehensive information about the organization’s mission, ongoing projects, and the various ways individuals can contribute. It also offers an easy-to-use donation system, ensuring that generosity can be directed effectively to make a meaningful impact.

Web Design

Adventist Heritage Tour Guide

The purpose of this project is to create printed and digital publications featuring Adventist historical landmarks in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. This local tourism market-orientated publication is to be used as a heritage walking tour guide, which inclues the brochure and the responsive website with booking and navigation functions.

Book Design

The Great Controversy

This mini publication is an excerpt of The Great Controversy which was written by Ellen Gould White in 1858. The design reflects the key theme and emphasis on the historical value of the writing. The hourglass creates a sense of spiritual urgency, stresses the fact that Jesus’ second coming is at hand [Luke 21:31]. Our only hope of salvation is through Jesus Christ the door of the sheep, the way, the truth and the life [John 10:7; 14:6].

Article Design

Plant-based Diet

This aim of the project is to propose and design an integrated and compelling publication from a chosen scholarly writing.

The visual concept was focusing on showing a strong link between diet and health, and the benefit of adopting a healthy lifestyle through a plant-based diet.

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